Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea is a franchised coffeehouse that celebrates classic café fare alongside globally influenced coffees and teas in an environment that is both classic and friendly. I communicate remotely with the Director of Marketing to carry out a variety of daily design projects. This includes online Adwords ads, in-store signage, print advertisements, e-mail […]

Lunar Wireless

Lunar Wireless is a telecommunications startup looking to remove monthly bills and give people a more affordable option when it comes to wireless. As Lead Designer of the company, I was given the project of rebranding the company from Lunar, to Lunar Wireless. The re-brand started as a logo redesign and then evolved into a […]

Lunar Android App

Upon joining Lunar, one of my main tasks was to redesign the Lunar App. The Lunar app is Lunar’s main product and the interface in which customers purchase credit from their phones and are able to activate data service to whichever app(s) they choose to buy.  (Lunar is a wireless provider that allows individuals to […]

Tapper’s Engagement Weekend

Tapper’s is Michigan’s most trusted jeweler since 1977, helping clients make memories through special occasions and life-cycle events for over three generations.  I designed a landing page for their Engagement Weekend sales event. The challenge in this design was in creating a look that would attract a younger audience, convey brand trust, and to highlight the offers in […]


GiftCertificates.com™ is a leading e-commerce provider of innovative reward solutions and gift products for both the corporate and consumer markets. It is because of their reward solutions targeting to both corporate and consumer markets that made the redesign of this marketing site a challenge. As a team at LSS, we worked with the GiftCertificates’ team to […]


TruEngage™ is one of the arms of Are You a Human that provides branded pre-roll video advertisements to users. Users are prompted to perform a game-like interaction in order to skip their ad rather than wait for a button to pop up. The TruEngage™ brand was born during my time at Are You a Human and […]

Client Dashboard

Are You a Human wanted to offer clients with a UX friendly dashboard design so when users log on, they can easily manage and gather analytics about their traffic sources.  I was given the challenge of creating an interface from scratch with the parameters that users can drill down on several default metrics such as geography, device type, browser, […]

TruEngage™ Creatives

TruEngage™ is a branded ad-skip engagements that give users the option to bypass their pre-roll video. As my role with the TruEngage™ team evolved, I was able to quickly adapt and design to the brand/styles of the various agencies that we proposed designs to (HP, Zappos, and Chevy to name a few).  Not only did designs need to fit […]

Metro Valet Parking

Metro Valet Parking is the leading Valet company in Metro Detroit. They came to LevelSet Solutions to start a rebranding project to update their outdated logo and look. These are various logos and a sample home page proposed for a rebranding project.

Are You a Human

When I first joined the Are You a Human team I was put in charge of an entire re-brand of the company while keeping the existing logo. A large portion of this included the company’s website, transforming it’s previous cartoony and playful brand into something more grown-up and sophisticated.  Through this process I was able […]


Collabrify.It is a startup venture founded by University of Michigan’s Computer Science Professor Elliot Soloway. Collabrify.It’s purpose is to provide educational apps that can help students collaborate with their classmates easily and efficiently. Throughout my time doing freelance work with Professor Soloway, I created Collabrify’s logo, which emphasizes the back and forth that goes into collaboration. […]

UpTo FB/Google Ads

Facebook ads created for the company, UpTo, a tech startup that promotes the idea of a better and expanded calendar. With UpTo, not only can you see your personal calendar, you can also subscribe to calendars for your favorite sports teams, your daughter’s high school, and any custom ones made by your friends or family. […]