TruEngage™ is one of the arms of Are You a Human that provides branded pre-roll video advertisements to users. Users are prompted to perform a game-like interaction in order to skip their ad rather than wait for a button to pop up. The TruEngage™ brand was born during my time at Are You a Human and it was made clear that the branding had to be separate yet similar to it’s parent.

I was given the opportunity to create a whole new look for the “company,” giving it a sleek and more flashy appearance while showcasing demos and metrics. In this particular case, I had my hand in designing the mockup and providing working examples to the front end engineers; collaborating to create the final product. In addition, I am was in charge of adding or subtracting any changes to the site using my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a little bit of PHP. I’ve been able to learn more about development in general, working alongside the developers in GitHub and AWS Opswork.

Visit to view the site live.

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