Generation Wrap – 2013 Solar Car

This was the design I worked on for the vinyl wrap that went on the 2013 University of Michigan Solar Car, Generation. Working on this project was a wonderful challenge as there were many design challenges that were presented.

A few of the challenges in this design included:

– Accounting for the curvatures of the car and how that affects what can go on them (or in this case shouldn’t)

– Consistency with various sponsorship levels and how each logo should represent those levels accurately

– Complying with race regulations (i.e. leaving enough space for required official race regulated stickers, having appropriate sized numbers, accurate representations of the school/car/country, etc)

Overall, the challenges helped strengthen my skills as a designer, as this project was by far one of the more unusual pieces I have worked on.  Genny’s wrap helped me learn how to work around specifications and guidelines, as well as consider what designs look like on a larger scale.

The wonderful photos were taken by Michigan Engineering‘s photographer, Joseph Xu.  For a look at the entire album, click here.  To check out more of  Joseph’s awesome photos, click here.  And of course, for a look at what the team is up to now check out their website –!


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