The Michigan Daily Spec Ads

The Michigan Daily is the University of Michigan’s official campus newspaper.   Providing news since it’s first issue in 1890, The Michigan Daily is read by thousands of students, professors, and members of the community.

This is a collection of the varying ads that I have designed for The Michigan Daily as the Production Manager for the publications during Summer 2013.  Some of these were just spec ads created to entice companies in Ann Arbor to purchase an ad in the publication, some of them have been or will be published.

These ads were designed with little guidance and with a short turn around time, allowing me to sharpen my skills in working under time contraints.  In addition, it was another experience to reinforce working under printing, color, and size constraints – another useful skill to add to my working knowledge as a graphic designer.

To check out The Michigan Daily’s website, click here.  But, if you’re ever in Ann Arbor – don’t hesitate to pick up one of the publications and check out what’s going on!


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