Graphic Designer  |  2012 Race Crew Member

Generation Wrap – 2013 Solar Car

This was the design I worked on for the vinyl wrap that went on the 2013 University of Michigan Solar Car, Generation. Working on this project was a wonderful challenge as there were many design challenges that were presented.

A few of the challenges in this design included:
– Accounting for the curvatures of the car and how that affects what can go on them (or in this case shouldn’t)
– Consistency with various sponsorship levels and how each logo should represent those levels accurately
– Complying with race regulations (i.e. leaving enough space for required official race regulated stickers, having appropriate sized numbers, accurate representations of the school/car/country, etc)

Overall, the challenges helped strengthen my skills as a designer, as this project was by far one of the more unusual pieces I have worked on.  Genny’s wrap helped me learn how to work around specifications and guidelines, as well as consider what designs look like on a larger scale.

The wonderful photos were taken by Michigan Engineering‘s photographer, Joseph Xu.  For a look at the entire album, click here.  To check out more of  Joseph’s awesome photos, click here.  And of course, for a look at what the team is up to now check out their website –!

2012 American Solar Challenge Race Crew Member

For a little over a year I worked on The University of Michigan Solar Car Team as their photographer, blogger, graphic designer, and in some cases their mom-away-from home (but they would never admit that).  This is a sampling of some of the photos I have taken over the course of my time on the team, primarily from the 2012 American Solar Challenge (one of the two major races the team competes in) where we placed 1st in the nation for the 7th consecutive time.

Working with a team of students from all different majors from the University was one of the best learning experiences I have had so far.  Getting to know how to work with individuals that think differently than I do has strengthened myself as both a designer and an individual.

My photos have been on the following sites: The Weather Channel, The University of Michigan Record, The State News, and various other sites.

Check out their page for updates and more information:!