Lunar Wireless

Lunar Wireless is a telecommunications startup looking to remove monthly bills and give people a more affordable option when it comes to wireless. As Lead Designer of the company, I was given the project of rebranding the company from Lunar, to Lunar Wireless. The re-brand started as a logo redesign and then evolved into a […]

Detroit Cookie Company

The Detroit Cookie Company is opening up a cafe in Ferndale, Michigan and I had the pleasure of working with the owner, Lauren, to execute her vision of various quotes and imagery to fill up the walls of her space.  In addition to the graphics for the walls, I also designed the Hours of Operation […]

Thach Company Cards

Thach Company unofficially started in middle school when I fiddled around with a card maker software and scrapbooking paper/materials from Jo-Anns. I began making birthday and holiday cards for my friends and family and labeling the back of the cards with a signature “Thach Company” logo. In November 2017 I was urged to start mass producing […]

State of the Human Internet Report

Are You a Human’s State of the Human Internet Report is designed to inform readers about human activity online. Much of the discourse around user behavior on the web has been focused on finding and reporting on robot activity and exposing the implications of being unable to properly filter out robot traffic. This infographic was […]

Firefly Music Festival

I entered this design in the 2014 Firefly Music Festival Poster Contest and won the Fan Favorite vote. Out of over 200 entries, my poster was chosen as one of 20 to be eligible for fans to vote on. I took my experiences at the 2013 Firefly Festival and represented that in my design. The […]

CTRL + LOVE + DELETE Infographic

Why bots love dating sites but hate porn Compared to industry averages for human traffic, porn sites receive almost 100% more human visitors.  By contrast, dating sites suffer roughly 75% lower human traffic numbers.  Why is it that bots seem to flock to dating sites and keep their distance from porn?  For starters, humans tend to […]

Firefly Music Festival 2

I entered this design in the 2015 Firefly Music Festival Poster Contest and was chosen as a contestant for the Fan Favorite vote. Although this design did not win, it was a fun project to work on, drawing inspiration from the various items many festival-goers wear/use.  

A2 Food & Restaurant Guide

This publication is the final product of my Senior Thesis/Integrative Project at the University of Michigan. Let’s Eat is an Ann Arbor food and restaurant guide for college students. This publication is inspired by my love for food and Ann Arbor, a city I have called home for the past four years. You won’t find […]

UUnions Design

Various work created and completed through my time at the University Unions Graphic Design Office. This includes: – an assortment of illustrated Facebook cover photos created for promotional food events at the various vendors of the University of Michigan’s Unions – a mix of different promotions for the University’s Cafes as well as the Union’s “My […]