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State of the Human Internet Report

Are You a Human’s State of the Human Internet Report is designed to inform readers about human activity online. Much of the discourse around user behavior on the web has been focused on finding and reporting on robot activity and exposing the implications of being unable to properly filter out robot traffic. This infographic was created as a stimulating visual of the trends and insights about human behavior online.

You can read a more in depth and technical version of The State of the Human Internet Report here.


Why bots love dating sites but hate porn

Compared to industry averages for human traffic, porn sites receive almost 100% more human visitors.  By contrast, dating sites suffer roughly 75% lower human traffic numbers.  Why is it that bots seem to flock to dating sites and keep their distance from porn?  For starters, humans tend to spend almost nine times as many minutes per day on dating sites versus porn sites.  Additionally, porn sites typically lack chat features and other ways for humans to interact with the site (and thereby potentially engage with bots).  With low subscription rates to porn sites in the U.S., meaning fewer humans overall, and 90% less ad inventory on porn sites compared to the average website, the dollars spent to create fraudulent bots may simply not be worth it.  

This infographic was designed to give detailed analytics and background to the shocking differences between human traffic on dating vs porn sites.