Lead Designer (Graphic Design  |  UX/UI Design  |  Director of Birthdays)

Are You a Human Website Design

When I first joined the Are You a Human team I was put in charge of an entire re-brand of the company while keeping the existing logo. A large portion of this included the company’s website, transforming it’s previous cartoony and playful brand into something more grown-up and sophisticated.

Through this process I was able to create a style guide for the company and design a website that fit the new products they were advertising.  For this project I worked with a couple of the company’s front-end developers to make my mockups fit within a PHP framework. I was able to brush up on my HTML/CSS skills, learn how to use GitHub, undergo code reviews, and deploy my changes with AWS OpsWorks.

Check out the website here.

Are You a Human Client Dashboard

Are You a Human wanted to offer clients with a UX friendly dashboard design so when users log on, they can easily manage and gather analytics about their traffic sources.  I was given the challenge of creating an interface from scratch with the parameters that users can drill down on several default metrics such as geography, device type, browser, domain.

During this project I collaborated with our client services manager, back-end, and front-end engineers to develop an optimal dashboard to suit the needs of Are You a Human’s clients. Above are a sampling of the mockups that were created for this project.

Director of Birthdays

I had the pleasure of being part of this amazing 15-person team for almost two years, giving me the gift of becoming really close with those that I work with. I am lucky to call ‘the Humans’ my work family, as we shared multiple laughs and I knew I could count on them during hard times.  How many people can say their boss brought them chocolate and ice cream after a breakup? 

At my time at Are You a Human, I organized multiple company bonding events including a three day retreat up north.  I also helped with all birthday celebrations and gifts, including cards/cakes, a comedic video of some of us trying to find an otter for our boss and a custom company branded card game.